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Hekaba kills Hibiscus/
Thracian King.  Olivia Clari Nice & Matthew Dalton Lynch. director Andrew Willis-Woodward
Village partying.jpg

Village Orpheus: "What are they talking about?  I'm so confused!" "It's New Year's Eve, 1951, John Ashbery is having a party with us his friends."  "No!  What's with who is Orpheus?"

seated, Frank O'Hara, Joe LeSueur, and Jane Freilicher.

Adam Wennick, Mario C. Brown & Tamara Geisler. director Daniel Roberts

ocean quilt:

Director kARE: Eilbacher, cast Vanessa Rappa, Justin Chevalier, and Adin Lenahan, playwright Mickey Bolmer, and the company invite you to, as settling in a theater seat, stepping on a beach, or snuggling in a quilt, breathe smile in out ocean quilt, existing as a Chorus play, bound in structure as nine quilt squares are: three columns of three squares in connection with Gee’s Bend quilts.  In out, waves of ocean, needles quilting, threading one to other, to past, to now.

                                     2 acts (# decided by the company)



Greenwich Village people put on Halloween costumes to party in the midst of 1989 tragedy.

                                                         2 act tragedy party (7)

Lincoln Pullman:

The women of 1893-94 Chicago and Pullman, Illinois fight Robert Lincoln for all whom they love. 

                                                                  2 act history (13)

Charlotte and Ned:

Charlotte Cushman and two young actors, using Charlotte and Ned’s most famous scenes, require Edwin Forrest to reassess his life of male foraying and white supremacy.

                                                                    2 act history (4)

By X Y:

Worlds end on a Central Park bench.  

                                                   2 act comedy (2 or 4 or 6)

quilt working:

When the characters fail to show and leave the Chorus without plot, the Chorus is freed to talk, move, dance, sing, hope, tell, question, wonder colored and shaped by work.  

                                     2 acts (# decided by the company)

home quilt making:

When the characters fail to show and leave the Chorus without plot, the Chorus is freed to talk, move, dance, sing, hope, tell, question, wonder colored and shaped by home and home making.  

                                     2 acts (# decided by the company)


verbs, dear lovers:

Chorus ponders who will do the work of life?  

                       10 min comedy (# decided by the company)

new re:

Chorus wonders the future of queer art and queer liberation. 

                       10 min comedy (# decided by the company)


Civil War rape shapes the family that builds the U.S.A.’s great buildings and cities.

                                                                   2 act history (7)

Village Orpheus:

Covered in holocausts’ ashes, Frank O’Hara and Joe LeSueur sing art and Greenwich Village back to life. 

                                                                   1 act tragedy (7)

Noah and the HOA:

As the rains and objections increase, the HOA president calls a meeting to consider Noah Rothman’s unapproved structure.

                                                                20 min comedy (1)

Alternative Prosperities:

The Cockettes at the Anderson Theater:

A queen helps a broken hearted friend consider the very nature of prosperity.

                                                20 min comedy (2 + chorus)


A mated homemaker decides to go out on dates, but how?

                                                                10 min comedy (1)

Jessica and Reading Time:

Just before her wedding, Jessica returns to the Public Library that nourished her.

                                                                   1 act comedy (4)

At the Lake:

Seven children (two with colic) and four frazzled parents find, with some help, midsummer night’s magic.  

                                                                 2 act comedy (13)

Burr and Hamilton.png

Back: Arron Burr is trying to make peace, but Alexander Hamilton attacks, "Vice-President Aaron Burr’s grandson is a bastard slave owner."  Mateo D' Amato & Felix J. Mayes.  director Andrew Willis-Woodward

a quilt square chorus 180722.png

a quilt square: the Chorus finding themselves without characters or plot,  "We shall overcome."  Aaron Marshall-Bobb, Tori Ashley Matos, Adin Lenahan, and Vanessa Rappa.  director Rebeca Rad

Village Orpheus banner.jpg

Art by Caryn Davidson

With your eyes.jpg

Village Orpheus: Joe LeSueur, Frank O'Hara, and Vincent Warren, Frank speaking his poem V(F)W, "I see them with your eyes."  Mario Brown, Adam Wennick, & Mateo D' Amato.  director Daniel Roberts

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